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Our specialized curriculum balances socio-emotional enrichment with the mastery of foundational skills. Each child is guided in his or her own learning within the structure of our learning program, which is supported by best practices in early childhood and youth education. The unique flexibility of this curriculum allows us to continually challenge each child at his or her own pace.


Our caring and experienced teachers recognize and support individual needs and differences and, at the same time, stress teamwork and collaboration -- critical 21st-century skills. We encourage and challenge our students to advance and reach their full potential in every area and activity they explore, enhancing their critical thinking, creativity and self-expression. They confidently progress from concrete, multi-sensory experiences to abstract thinking in a true community based in kindness, respect, trust and honesty.

Programmatic Highlights

Daily morning Wake Up-Shake Up

Whole school gathering, coming together as a community to participate in short, targeted activities and learning opportunities focused on respect, multicultural education, geography, public speaking and music education.

Library Sessions

1,000 volumes and three subscriptions for emergent, young readers and weekly classes for all students. Class library sessions that targets individual interests and curriculum connections.



Physical Education Classes

Held three times a week, these classes include water confidence and swimming programs to teach essential skills and improve abilities in becoming comfortable in the water.

Music Appreciation and Movement Classes

Held three times a week, these classes explore music through musical games and active interaction with a teacher and each other, kids learn basic musical concepts such as: rhythm, melody, percussion instruments, dancing and singing.

Outdoor Areas

Access to age-appropriate playgrounds and half an acre of paths, gardens and greenery for free play and supervised walks to develop gross motor skills.

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​"Education is the most powerful weapon which   you can use to change the world." Nelson Mandela

Extra-curricular Activities and Clubs

Numerous activities and clubs are offered on campus after school including, French, jewelry making, reading club, cooking explorations, African dance, sports, and others. New, faculty-led offerings each year build critical thinking skills, listening, memory, visualization, concentration.

Technology Integration

Children develop skills and abilities with technology to enable efficient and healthy interactions between learner-to-content, learner-to-learner, learner-to-teacher and learner-to-parent engagement.

Faculty Professional Development

Faculty members attend weekly professional development workshops to continually improve and enhance their teaching and professional practices. These sessions are an opportunity for us to take stock, reflect and improve our service to our children.

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