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Our Founders

Ms. Dawn R. Burks-Magara


Dawn R. Burks-Magara is an American educator with fifteen years experience as a teacher and administrator. She holds a Master's degree in Education from the University of Maryland College Park, in the state of Maryland, USA. Her undergraduate studies were in Political Science and Spanish from Ithaca College in New York, USA.


As a true global citizen, Dawn has studied and worked in the USA, South America, Central America, the Caribbean, the Middle East and Africa. She began her teaching career as a pre-school teacher and has also added elementary education certification to her portfolio, coupled with valuable experience teaching in a public community school, as well as a private special education school in the USA. Dawn has been noted within education circles for her high standards, commitment and expertise within child development. She has been sought after for her expertise in integrating real life situations within the classroom, child motivation and child behaviour management. 


Upon her arrival to Uganda in 2014, Dawn saw a need for high quality pre-school and elementary education for children in Entebbe. She envisioned a school with children from diverse backgrounds that would foster a love for learning, as well as develop critical thinking and problem solving skills. Today, she draws on her extensive experience of interacting with children from multiple cultures, social and cognitive backgrounds, and has made it her mission to lead Muvule Academy as the prime early childhood learning centre in Entebbe. She strives to help children to develop the critical skills to navigate the world around them, become knowledgeable, curious, reflective and empathetic global citizens. Dawn’s own daughter attends the Academy, as she feels that the school is truly the best start that can be given to her young child.

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Ms. Rita Sabiiti has over 19 years experience as educator and administrator. Her passion for music led her to become the first female guitar teacher in East Africa. Rita helped start the Kampala Music School and developed a reputation for delivering wonderful lessons and as a result became music teacher at eight International schools in Uganda. 


Because Ms Rita Sabiiti strongly believes that every child has the right to good quality education, she volunteered as teacher at a marginalised school in Mukono called "Ssi Bukunja Primary School" where she co-taught English and Science and run the community outreach sensitisation program on education. 


Ms. Sabiiti has since worked in various administrative positions in schools all over the world making positive impact. She was put in the role of MYP Coordinator for the 2013-2014 year in recognition of her talents as an IB educator in the music department. Her lessons were engaging, student-centred and thoughtfully planned. She understood how to teach through inquiry, a skill that many educators find challenging. In her role as MYP Coordinator, Ms. Sabiiti’s primary responsibility was to help improve teaching and learning at Greenfield Community School Dubai, which had been judged to be “acceptable” for two years running by the Dubai Schools Inspection Bureau (DSIB). Ms. Sabiiti’s efforts resulted in the DSIB judging the teaching and learning to be “very good”. This contributed enormously to the overall judgement of the school, which was also upgraded. The efforts of Ms. Rita Sabiiti were absolutely instrumental in the improvement of the school.

Ms Rita Sabiiti's vision for Muvule Academy is for it to provide a nurturing and safe environment for all its students to learn and grow, for its staff to teach and mentor and its stakeholders to lead with heart. She strongly believes that compassion, care and kindness is the future.

Ms Rita Sabiiti


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