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Welcome Message

It is an honour to have been chosen to serve the children and families of Muvule Academy.


Let me begin by introducing myself! My name is Joan Nakalanzi and I will be your Head of School! I am delighted to join the Muvule Academy family. I have over twenty years of teaching and leadership experience in Uganda. I am very excited to work together to make this a fabulous new school year!


With great enthusiasm, Muvule Academy works to provide students from all over the world the opportunity to become Inquirers, Knowledgeable, Thinkers, Communicators, Principled, Open-minded, Caring, Risk-takers, Balanced, and Reflective global citizens.


Our specialised curriculum recognises the individual child and our nurturing environment allows our little learners to blossom. We recognise that each child is different, with their own personal preferences. Our differentiated approach allows our faculty to meet the diverse needs of each child. It is important that we know and understand each child and that your child feels safe, cared for and comfortable at Muvule Academy.

Our Philosophy

We strive to cultivate an environment that inspires our children with a deeper curiosity for vital knowledge and critical skills. Our inter and multidisciplinary approaches combines various education philosophies together, such as the Reggio Emilia approach, Multiple Intelligences and Progressive Education. These philosophies shape our hands-on approach to learning.

We believe children strive to form deep, meaningful relationships with family, school and community.


Children learn about the reciprocity of relationships, the give-and-take of helping and being helped, of giving as well as getting, and mutual care and respect for one another. Children participate in caring for our classroom and classroom pets, negotiating play, solving conflicts with one another and helping to create social norms (rules) and boundaries as needed in the group.

We believe that taking personal responsibility for one's actions, in the classroom leads to empowerment, self-satisfaction, empathy and a generous spirit.

Our children are responsible for their own feelings and actions and we support them with words and strategies for dealing with frustration, disappointment, anger and sadness. We enable them to address issues through changes in thoughts and actions rather than just words. We help them to share their wonder, joy, and delight with others.

We believe that children are inquisitive, resourceful and motivated to learn about the world around them.

At Muvule Academy the learning process is dynamic, involving the teachers, parents, caregivers, families and the children in hands-on learning. Our teachers encourage children to explore, take risks, succeed, fail and persevere. Our children are responsible, with teachers' help, for generating inquiries, brainstorming ideas, experimenting with a wide variety of materials, and communicating their knowledge and understanding.


We strive to inculcate a sense of self-worth, belonging and personal commitment to community. At Muvule Academy the learning process is dynamic, involving the teachers, parents, caregivers, families and the children in hands-on learning.


Our vision for next year is to become a learning center of EXCELLENCE and a DYNAMIC learning community that transforms education models in Uganda by:


  • Launching READING ROCKETEERS program to enhance literacy through expanded materials - digital, magazines, newspapers, genres

  • Developing BLENDED LEARNING to enhance student engagement

  • Growing into PRIMARY in 2020

  • Expanding TEACHER PROFESSIONAL VISION in ACTION program for faculty


We value and appreciate that you have chosen Muvule Academy to guide your child’s growth. I look forward to working in partnership with you this year.

Joan Nakalanzi

Head of School


Our Vision is to become a Learning Centre of Excellence that transforms current education models in Uganda.


Our Mission is to promote the development of each child’s curiosity by providing a stimulating and safe environment.

Additionally, we serve children from diverse cultural backgrounds and diverse socio-economic backgrounds, children who are English language learners, bilingual children, children from diverse family structures, and children with mild special needs ranging from speech articulation delays, to autism, to mild physical impairments and cognitive challenges.

Our program based on the Ugandan National Curriculum and is influenced by the Reggio Emilia approach which recognizes the competencies and capabilities of every child. Our individual approach ensures that each child is met where they are, given the tools they need to be successful and valued for their contributions to the group. In this model, children are seen as having special "rights" as opposed to special "needs".


In as such, each child at Muvule Academy has a right to personalized accommodation that will enable him/her to fulfill their potential. We offer a language rich program with an emphasis on building social competency, where children are provided with "100 languages" through which to understand, communicate and learn. Among these languages are the verbal languages of conversation, storytelling and song; visual languages of writing, drawing, painting and sculpting; and physical languages of drama, movement, construction and play; among many more. In this way we are able to meet the needs of diverse learners who might otherwise be limited in their learning and their expression in the classroom.

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