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Vision to Reality

Muvule Academy was founded in 2015 by a group of educators looking for an alternative dynamic education for a diverse community of children, serving children on the outskirts of Kampala. Our founders envisioned a place where classes would be based on a number of factors including student profile, readiness, and interests rather than just age, where individual attention was the norm, and where integrity and responsibility were part of the fabric of daily life.

Their vision, originally called Muvule Academy Kindergarten Entebbe, opened its doors in the Bugonga residential area of Entebbe, Uganda.

Our First Steps

Instead of advertising, Muvule Academy chose to grow organically through the testaments of its community of families. As word of mouth spread the good news, the school began to grow. Students were receiving a remarkably well-rounded and individually structured early childhood education.


Upon completion of the four year early childhood education program, our students were accepted and thrived in Entebbe and Kampala international and national schools. Teachers and parents from all over the area began to knock on the school’s doors.


Growth and Expansion

Although Muvule Academy is a young school, it is growing rapidly. In addition to its existing main building and vast outdoor green space, to date, Muvule Academy has expanded its physical facilities to include a music area and library. Our additions have allowed the expansion into many new areas, including a specialized Weekend Music and Dance Program, a multitude of enrichment activities, and a library with over 1,000 books, electronic and print children’s magazines and journals.

Community Spirit

As part of an ongoing commitment to familiarize our students with public service and community involvement, the school immediately sought to become engaged and involved with the Entebbe community. We have done this in a variety of ways. We have a partnership with an early years teacher training college to support Entebbe’s efforts to train educators in a variety of education approaches.


We open our school to the wider Entebbe community through our partnership with Fireplace Tot Tales, a children’s book club. In addition, our weekend music and dance program has become a mainstay of the community. We are delighted to have become an integral part of our small, beautiful town, and we are celebrating all that our school is becoming with an expansion of our name.


Present Day

Today, we are known as Muvule Academy Kindergarten and Junior School. This reflects our growth into a junior school in 2020; providing high quality, individualized, rigorous education to our learners.

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