Ms. Angela Appleberry

Head of School

Miss Angela (Angie) Appleberry, was born in the city of Richmond, Indiana, in the United States. Miss Angie has over 25 years of experience working with youth of various ages and disciplines in both the public and private sectors.

Miss Appleberry holds an M.Ed. (Masters of Education, with a concentration in community work); M.L.D. (Masters of Leadership Development, with a concentration in Non-Profit Organization); and B.F.A. (Bachelor of Fine Arts, with a minor in Psychology). 


She is student centered and has a warm, nurturing personality that will be appreciated by our faculty, staff, students and families. Her personal, educational philosophy is to allow children to be free in their development and grow into purposed, healthy, creative adults. This is accomplished when we are willing to provide, utilize and create multiple methods and practical application of those methods. In return, during this process of growth and reflection, practical applications will eventually prepare our little learners to solve real life problems.

Miss Appleberry is no stranger to international experiences, as she also completed a study abroad in Paris and served as a missionary to South Africa and Jamaica. Miss Appleberry is ecstatic to join Muvule Academy and lead its growing community of learners and families.


Our education specialists are well sought after curriculum developers, teachers and child and family therapists. On average, our faculty has over seven years experience working with young children. All of our teachers hold relevant child development Bachelor's degrees or Early Childhood Education diplomas. We are committed to building the capacity of outstanding teachers and ensure that each teacher receives initial, and ongoing training in our specialised curriculum. In addition, our health and safety standards are aligned to the USA/UK early childhood standards.

Ms. Martha Nyakiro
Flowers Teacher

Ms. Mercy Natukunda
Buds Teacher

Ms. Sarah Nasamba
Little Stems Teacher

Ms. Shibah Nabuuma
Seedlings Teacher

Mr. Isaac Kagezi
Music Teacher

Mr. Martin Kayonda

Ms. Brenda Nabaasa
Teaching Assistant

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We invest in our teachers because an early childhood program is only as good as its staff.


Ms. Angela Appleberry
Head of School

Ms. Fiona Ayaka


Ms. Yvonne Nakavuuma

Mr. Christopher


Ms. Pauline Aleti

Ms. Penelope Natukwatsa

Mr. Dickson


Mr. Martin

Security Guard