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Teacher Training and Professional Development

In-Service Teacher Training


Muvule Academy seeks to motivate early childhood teachers and support their professional growth through in-service training.


We aim to empower early childhood teachers to get to proficient advancement through a hands-on approach. Training on site happens during the weekends where NQTs receive quality face to face interaction with  some of the best educators in Uganda.


Our in-service training programs concentrate on developing positive classroom relationships, as 

well as teacher engagement and skills development in immersive, engaging methodologies. 

To do this, we use a number of teaching and learning techniques, including group work, partner conversation, role-play, 

the use of learning aids (made from local materials) and constructive behavior management approaches that inspire and empower students.

Pre-Service Teacher Training


We recognise the need for NQTs to have a safe place to practice their skills before entering a real classroom. We provide opportunities for teachers to demonstrate their learning in a safe and innovative environment.

Empowering the next generation of teachers

Modelling of sustained good practice

To help translate training into classroom practice, Muvule Academy Education provide teachers with models of good teaching and learning practice to emulate.

In 2014, Muvule Academy began working with DOTT Teacher Training School in Entebbe to serving as national examples of good teaching and learning practices for others to emulate.


By empowering Ugandan Early Childhood Teachers with the skills they need to train and support other teachers, we can ensure that this knowledge is firmly rooted within local teaching communities, and is passed on to future generations of educators. This has proven to be a highly cost-effective approach to achieving far-reaching and long-lasting impact.

Visible Thinking Routines 

We teach and prepare teachers how to use Thinking Routines. Thinking routines teach students to make their ideas visible and accessible. This is done through a variety of graphic organisers which help structure ideation and reasoning. They are simple to use, yet powerful in impact.

The purpose of thinking routines is to promote a deeper understanding of content, and help students understand how they think and learn. As Margaret Mead writes:

“Children must be taught how to think, not what to think.”

Margaret Mead

Coaching and Mentorship Program

We act as coaches and train teachers how to coach. It is a unique philosophy that deals with how best to implement radical and sustained change in educators. 

Muvule Academy works to equip Early Childhood Teachers with the skills to adapt to ever changing pedagogical developments, preparing the next generation of Early Childhood Educators for the future classroom.

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